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Virtual Office in Labuan

Virtual Office in Labuan

virtual office in Labuan is recommended for foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up their operations with minimal costs compared to a traditional office. More than that, virtual office packages in Labuan can be bought by investors who want to enlarge their operations in Malaysia and get in touch with local partners. This office will include a business address, basic secretarial services and modern, furnished offices and meeting room space, among others. Our team of company formation in Labuan are at your disposal with comprehensive information about how you can register a company in Labuan and about how you can receive virtual office services.

 Quick Facts  
Virtual office – definition   A virtual office is a physical place of business, generally located in an office building, where local and foreign businessmen can benefit from a registered business address and where they can receive their business correspondence.  

Basic services offered by the virtual office in Labuan 

– business address,

– mail collecting and forwarding,

– phone number,

– lounge access,

– meeting room usage,

– private office 

Reasons to select the services of a virtual office in Labuan  

– access to a registered address in Labuan,

– very low costs compared to a traditional office,

– professional image and business credibility for the company’s clients and associates,

– access to various facilities,

– networking,

– organizing company’s meetings in a professional setting,

– basic corporate services (mail, phone, mail collecting) 

Virtual assistant available (yes/no)   Yes 
Who should choose the services of a virtual office in Labuan  

– businessmen who can develop remote business activities,

– freelancers,

– sole traders,

– the owners of small businesses,

– those who need to have a registered business address in Labuan 

Types of virtual office spaces available  

– private office space,

– co-working office space,

– meeting/conference rooms  etc.

Virtual office staff/ services available for businessmen  

– secretary,

– receptionist,

– cleaning services,

– mail services

Costs advantages when selecting the virtual office  

The client will only pay for the virtual office package selected, based on a monthly or yearly contract (there aren’t any other associated costs).  

Types of billing options for a virtual office in Labuan 

– monthly,

– yearly  

How to acquire the services of a virtual office in Labuan   By signing the contract with the virtual office provider
The provisions of the virtual office contract 

– details of the parties signing the contract,

– the selected services and premises,

– the duration of the contract,

– termination terms,

– monthly rent,

– fees,

– the conditions in which the person can use the office etc.

Additional services that can be requested by businessmen  

– dedicated local phone number that will be redirected to the client’s personal phone number without any charge,

– fax number,

– IT support 

Modern means of communications included (yes/no)  


Meeting rooms available (yes/no)  


 The right to meet with business partners/employees in the virtual office (yes/no)  Yes 

All our locations are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi.

Relocation to another virtual office location

It is possible to change your virtual office location if you desire.

Mandatory for opening a company in Labuan

In the company formation process in Labuan, having a registered address is required, no matter if it’s a physical or virtual one.

Special packages (YES/NO) We can set customized limits to meet your specific needs and preferences.
Limits on call handling

If spouses can’t agree on who will live in a rented place, the court will decide for them.

Access to virtual office At any time
Transitioning from traditional offices Businesses can transition from traditional offices to virtual offices without losing facilities and advantages.
Bank account services

We offer assistance in opening a bank account for companies that operate via the virtual office.

Private day offices

Available on request

Safety and security We prioritize safety and security to protect your sensitive information.

In prestigious central locations


– ID documents,

– business registration documents,

– contact information, etc.

Why choose Labuan for a virtual office

– international business hub,

– flexible business structures,

– confidence among clients and partners,

– variety of virtual office services, etc.

Hiring employees

You can hire employees for your company even if you have a virtual office as a registered address.


We simplify the process for entrepreneurs by assisting with both virtual office setup and company incorporation in Labuan.

What does a virtual office package in Labuan contain?

The following services are part of the virtual office packages which can be bought by foreign investors in Labuan:

  • a notable business address and a registered office in Labuan for your future operations;
  • a local phone number linked to your company’s operations in Labuan;
  • mail collection and forwarding in accordance with the clients’ needs;
  • voice mailbox, incoming and outgoing faxes as we can forward them on request.

If you would like to know more about virtual office services and about how to open a Labuan offshore company, we suggest you address your questions to our team of company formation specialists in Labuan. Would you like to open a company in another Asian country, such as Vietnam or Taiwan? We can put you in contact with our partners.

Why do I need a virtual office in Labuan?

If you are an entrepreneur from abroad interested in placing a business in Labuan and test the market before any activity, we suggest you ask for virtual office services in Labuan. These are necessary services for any business person who wants to enter the market in a professional and trustworthy manner.

Why should I buy virtual office packages in Labuan?

Among the reasons why you should buy virtual office packages in Labuan, some of the top ones preferred by investors remain the low costs related to such facilities and professional communication between the entrepreneur from overseas and future customers of the company. 

We remind that our team of advisors is at your disposal with support in company formation in Labuan. We can help investors registering a Labuan trust company as well as in establishing any of the available types of companies for different business needs.

As needed, we can also provide services for opening a bank account in Labuan, for the company that will operate via the virtual office. In case you need similar services in another Asian jurisdiction, for example in the Philippines, we can put you in contact with our partners – CompanyFormationPhilippines.com.

Do I receive a virtual assistant?

Yes, foreign investors interested in virtual office services will have a personal virtual assistant who will handle the phone calls, faxes, emails, and bank statements collection on request. Besides that, he/she will schedule business meetings with potential partners or collaborators in Labuan.

We invite you to watch a short video on the virtual office in Labuan:

Facilities and characteristics for virtual offices

Labuan is a recognized business center and investors have several options when choosing a virtual office in terms of location and facilities. Most of the offices are located in new and modern buildings and the packages are designed to include access to standard facilities as well as optional features. In most cases, the offices are newly furnished, providing for an attractive workplace complete with internet facilities and access to office supplies as needed. The pricing for these packages differs as in most cases there is an all-inclusive pricing plan with the client paying a certain amount for the related workplace services. Clients can choose to add more desk space if the company evolves and they hire more employees. Packages for temporary offices can also be an option for those entrepreneurs who are only interested in working for a limited period, such as for the duration of a certain project. Some of the general types of office space that can be found at these locations include the following:

  • Interior office: a standard office with no view generally the most affordable option.
  • Window office: for clients who wish to have a window view and a different space as they work.
  • Office suite: includes both an office and a meeting room, with different arrangement options.
  • Co-working space: a desk in a shared space with no pre-assigned desks and access to different facilities.

In most cases, those who purchase a virtual office package will be able to customize their office space as far as the layout and the furniture is concerned. An advantage is that company owners in Labuan can scale up as needed and they are not asked to pay for more office space than they will use. They can, however, add more workstations as the business grows. Investors who set up their virtual office with a company that offers similar services worldwide can also benefit from membership advantages, such as accessing other spaces belonging to the same company in other locations. 


The office space is staffed and support is available for businesses. From mail handling and call answering as well as secretarial services. A receptionist is also present at most of these locations in order to greet the guests and direct them to the meeting room space when needed.

The virtual office is an alternative for businesses that are looking to find an office solution that will be flexible enough and that will also allow them to reduce the costs associated with the upkeep of a traditional office. Business owners can make the transition from a traditional office to a virtual office without the fear of losing any of the facilities and advantages. Moreover, in some cases, the transition can even be a beneficial one for the business as most virtual office locations in Labuan are based at a prestigious business address, an address that will also be included in the company’s documents and for correspondence purposes. Moreover, the address is mandatory for Labuan company formation.

The virtual office package is ideal for both small and large companies as well as for self-employed individuals. The serviced office is included in a package that can be personalized by the client as needed, usually with monthly billing for the facilities used and not for any extra costs.

If you want to open a company in Labuan and if you would like to know more about virtual office services, please do not hesitate to contact our team of consultants in Labuan.

If you want to open a company in Labuan and if you would like to know more about virtual office services, please do not hesitate to contact our team of consultants in Labuan.

Our consultants can offer more details on other advantages of a virtual office. You can rely on our team if you are interested in Labuan offshore incorporation, which has numerous advantages.

There are multiple tax advantages, and the capital requirements are usually very low. The same applies to the shareholding requirements, as a company can be set up with only 1 shareholder.